WP8 EuroCohort survey design

Lead beneficiary: Manchester Metropolitan University (United Kingdom), University of Essex (United Kingdom), University College London (United Kingdom)

Work Package 8 initiates the development of tools, templates and protocols for sampling, questionnaires, and fieldwork and data archiving processes. It aims at finalising the cohort parameters (age of cohort members, length of fieldwork phase, start and end of each wave) and parameters of survey design and implementation (mode(s), fieldwork procedures, reminders, response enhancement techniques, quality control, etc.). Among its objectives are finalising questionnaire content for parents/carers, health professionals, teachers, children and developing templates for data documentation. This will ensure scientific excellence and the highest quality data representative of the populations being studied. Mounting a survey, which is internationally comparative and longitudinal, requires longer development time compared to cross-sectional and national surveys, for this reason there is a need to undertake preparatory scientific work at an early stage. This Work Package, therefore, assures that by the end of ECDP further preparatory work to develop EuroCohort is manageable within a shorter timescale. The Work Package will also inform aspects of the costing of EuroCohort.


T8.1. Develop criteria for sampling each cohort, a template for each participating country to complete, and a set of procedures for developing and agreeing the national sample designs.

T8.2. Identify both minimisation and adjustment strategies for both unit and item non-response. The former will consider survey design and implementation procedures; the latter will consider survey weights and imputation.

T8.3. Development of questionnaire content for parents/carers, health professionals, teachers and children.

T8.4. Develop a template for the data collection manual.

T8.5. Determine appropriate data collection modes and methods for different respondents, including software requirements where CAPI methods are to be used.

T8.6. Determine procedures and software and hardware requirements for data management, storage and archiving.

T8.7. Develop a user support requirements protocol covering survey data support documentation.

T8.8. Develop a template for the questionnaire translation protocol.