WP6 Engagement with children, young people and families

Lead beneficiary: Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar (Croatia), University of Saints Cyril and Methodius (Slovakia)

Work Package 6 comprises two parallel processes. Firstly, it ensures that the voice of children, young people and the parents/guardians of very young children are captured in ECDP such that there is a co-production in the development of the scientific tools and processes. Secondly, it develops a template for the structures required in EuroCohort to engage the user voice and to communicate findings through appropriate means. Thus, its objectives include engaging children and young people into ECDP for the development of EuroCohort and creating a platform for children, young people, and their parents for sharing their views and expectations on well-being.  An innovative aspect of this Work Package is the use of Young People’s Advisory Groups (CYPAG) and ‘community reporters’ – locally recruited people trained to use media in a variety of ways – as conduits between the user voice and scientists and policy makers.


T6.1. Forming of CYPAG and direct consultations with their members in Croatia and UK.

T6.2. Draft guidelines and templates for engaging with children and young people through the CYPAG and for data analyses.

T6.3. Draft templates for developmentally appropriate country level reports for children

and young people in the national language.

T6.4. Develop guidelines for creating a platform for children and young people for sharing their views and expectations to their future and wellbeing and audio-visual dissemination tools.

T6.5. Recruitment, training and follow-up of children, young people and parents to participate as Community Reporters.

T6.6. Thematically analysed content from Community Reporting exercise.

T6.7. Creation of toolkit for future community reporter work.