WP10 Communication and dissemination

Lead beneficiary: Tallinn University (Estonia), Daugavpils University (Latvia)

Work Package 10 proceeds on a two-track approach. Firstly, it has a focus on the communication and dissemination activities of ECDP, comprising a range of activities, for which the web site and a broad communications strategy (developing marketing materials) are central. The importance of raising the profile of ECDP and its aim to take further the development of a Europe wide survey of child and young people’s well-being is a vital element of the project. Among its objectives is developing communication and dissemination strategy for future EuroCohort. Secondly, the communications and dissemination requirements of EuroCohort are developed and costed.


T10.1. ECDP project website and twitter account.

T10.2. ECDP marketing materials (leaflets, posters etc.).

T10.3. ECDP project communication and dissemination strategy.

T10.4. Facilitate dialogic dissemination by initiating a project blog and the regular publication of project updates and activities from ECDP Partners, inviting responses from stakeholder groups.

T10.5. Develop short videos by leading experts in child well-being, longitudinal surveys, and policy makers to be embedded in the project website for wider dissemination.

T10.6. Develop short videos by children and young people to be embedded in the project website for wider dissemination.

T10.7. Production of project posters by all Partners to be used in conferences, seminars, nationally and internationally to promote the aims of ECDP.

T10.8. Drafting of academic working papers and attendance at academic and practitioner conferences.

T10.9. Follow up activities with stakeholders after publication of project outputs to further promote the aims of ECDP.

T10.10. EuroCohort communications and dissemination strategy.

T10.11. All outputs from each ECDP Work Packages will be drawn together and redrafted into a Conceptual Design Report which represents the business case for taking ECDP forward into a full EuroCohort survey.