WP1 Stocktaking, project design and management

Lead beneficiary: Manchester Metropolitan University (United Kingdom)

Work Package 1 coordinates ECDP's research and development activities. It ensures that there is an appropriate decision making structure and guarantees the submission of deliverables and financial reporting. The objectives of Work Package include reviewing the theoretical and substantive starting points of the project (stocktaking), refining and confirming key objectives of the overall project, reviewing each Work Package, holding a project start-up meeting, establishing all management structures, committees and working groups as well as lines of communication for the project, establishing a dissemination protocol to be used in all Work Packages, anticipation and managing project risks using proactive risk management strategies where possible, and managing and maintaining all aspects of the project. The two main deliverables are inception report delivered to the Commission and data management plan detailing how the products of ECDP will be accessed, shared, re-used and archived.