WP9 Pilot survey requirements

Lead beneficiary: Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar (Croatia), The Catalan Youth Agency (Spain)

Work Package 9 develops a series of piloting exercises that are required to refine instruments and procedures. In the framework of the Work Package the requirements of the piloting and drafting the field manual, which details the procedures, will be established. The criteria for selecting countries and locations for the pilot survey will be determined. This Work Package will also inform aspects of the costing of EuroCohort.


T9.1. Develop criteria for the selection of pilot survey countries.

T9.2. Determine the precise requirements of the pilot survey (numbers to be surveyed,

research design and procedure).

T9.3. Establish critical success indicators which will be used to show that a full survey is doable.

T9.4. Draft a field work manual for the pilot survey.

T9.5. Determine the costs required for the pilot survey.