WP5 Governance

Lead beneficiary: University of Jyväskylä (Finland), Tallinn University (Estonia)

Work Package 5 develops the legal, management, scientific and operational infrastructure required to coordinate EuroCohort. The criteria for selecting the location of the coordinating hub of EuroCohort are defined. It is important to establish the organisational and scientific capacities required for each national team in order to fully specify the requirements for participation in EuroCohort.


T5.1. Finalise the criteria which underpins the requirements for siting the EuroCohort hub in a single institution.

T5.2. Dialogue with national funding agencies on their strategies for supporting the collection of longitudinal survey data to support child well-being policy making.

T5.3. Determine the governance and management structures that are required to ensure that EuroCohort will be able to undertake its work over the life of the cohort data collection.

T5.4. Draft the legal framework required to regulate Consortium participants of EuroCohort.

T5.5. Draft the terms of reference for the scientific working groups: Sampling, questionnaire design, fieldwork, data access, communications.