WP4 Political and financial support

Lead beneficiary: Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (Greece), Manchester Metropolitan University (United Kingdom)

Work Package 4 develops a broad network of key stakeholders across Europe. It will offer a communications platform with which to influence those decision makers who need to be able to identify how the results from longitudinal survey data should be integrated into the policy cycle. Policy makers will be engaged through a series of policy briefing papers as wells as webinars and face to face methods. The Work Package aims at engaging with policy makers and funding bodies by appliance of multiple means, including developing policy focused briefings on the uses and benefits of EuroCohort.


T4.1. Map the organisation and individual actors involved in relevant policy networks and national funding bodies (both real and virtual) at the European level (all EU Member States),

and to map these policy networks.

T4.2. Identify policy objectives, levers and future needs of actors involved in policy networks and national funding bodies, drawing on insights gained through the Delphi study undertaken in MYWeb.

T4.3. Undertake scenario-planning exercise and on-line survey of this network to identify future policy trends and confirm priority policy areas.

T4.4. Produce policy briefings on longitudinal surveys, survey research infrastructure, using surveys in the policy process and other areas identified through tasks T4.2 and T4.3.

T4.5. Undertake on-line briefings with policy actors and national funding bodies.

T4.6. Undertake meetings with senior policy makers from all EU.

T4.7. Develop a communications protocol for this group that connects them directly to EuroCohort. This includes a dedicated web site area.