WP3 The business case: Costs, cost-benefit analysis and case studies

Lead beneficiary: University of Bologna (Italy), Manchester Metropolitan University (United Kingdom)

Work Package 3 establishes realistic costs for the lifecycle of EuroCohort. The cost-benefit analysis initiated in MYWeB will contribute to making the business case to policy makers and national funding bodies. To support the business case a series of case studies will be developed to show the importance of collecting longitudinal survey data in the policy making process.


T3.1. Establish realistic estimates for the construction of, and ongoing annual costs, for each EU Member State to undertake EuroCohort using information about the sample size, frequency of data collection and local staff costs. In addition, estimate the funding requirements for the survey hub team.

T3.2. To extend the MYWeB CBA using the information from Task T3.1 plus more detailed measures of the spending on child well-being across all EU Member States.

T3.3. The development of at least five case studies written in an accessible format for a non-academic audience and which clearly show the benefits of longitudinal data in understanding and responding to social issues (in particular but not exclusively) relating to children.