"ECDP and Social Science Research Infrastructure strategy" by Gary Pollock, ECDP project coordinator

The European Cohort Development Project (ECDP) is developing a new social science Research Infrastructure (RI) called EuroCohort. This will be Europe’s first comparative birth cohort survey and will be an important source of evidence in developing social policies for children, young people and families across Europe for many years to come. To do this we need to succeed on two broad fronts. F...
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"By prioritising child well-being outcomes across the life course we can improve education and learning" Dominic Richardson (UNICEF Office of Research Innocenti)

It has long been acknowledged in the research literature that well-being outcomes in one area of life are beneficial for others. Healthier children learn better, well-off children learn better, smarter children have more success in the adult labour market and so on. In recent years, comparative research on child well-being has evolved from what child well-being looks like cross-nationally, to...
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